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Environmental and Social Impacts Assessments

Bodsey Ecology have been sub-contracted by Treweek Environmental Consultants to advise on a number of botanical aspects of an Environmental and Social Impacts Assessment (ESIA) for the Amulsar Mining Project in Armenia. The project must adhere to the Performance Standards of the International Finance Corporation and Performance Requirements of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


The ESIA baseline survey discovered an extremely rare plant growing on Amulsar and Bodsey Ecology have been fundamental in creating a research programme to ensure that the species is not harmed by the mining project. The project to avoid as many plants as possible and reinstate those that cannot be avoided is a collaboration between the mining company, the Institute of Botany of the Republic of Armenia, the University of Cambridge Botanic Garden, Treweek Environmental Consultants and Bodsey. Two PhD students will investigate the biology of the species in newly built facilities at the Botanic Garden in Sevan, Armenia and in existing facilities in Cambridge.


The ESIA is publicly available on the website of Lydian International Limited

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