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UK Habitat Classification Training

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If you are interested in attending a course please e-mail


There will be training webinars on the mornings of 12th and 13th May (one course, 2 days). Please contact Bill Butcher ( if you are interested in this course. The cost will be £100 per person.


All other courses have been postponed as Pete Carey of Bodsey Ecology has to self-isolate for at least the next 12 weeks due to COVID-19 and the Government's advice.


If you would like a bespoke course or would like to suggest a venue please let Bodsey Ecology know. Several large consultancies and organisations have organised their own training days whilst other large organisations, smaller consultancies, University Lecturers and NGOs have attended courses organised once there has been enough interest shown for a particular region. A full list of the organisations that have attended is available here


Practitioners' courses will last for one day and will cost £100 and £30 for students. The maximum number of attendees will be 15 to keep the size manageable and friendly. The course will consist of a morning session to run through the needs for UKHab, how it works, mapping protocols and how the field key works. In the afternoon there will be the chance to try the system out in the field. Attendees should bring the platform on which they intend to record in the field. A certificate of attendance will be provided.


Trainers' courses will last for 2 days and will cost £300. The aim of these courses is to provide the necessary information for educators to be able to teach UKHab to others whilst maintaining the consstency that the UKHab Working Group is seeking. The course will be bespoke and depend on the needs of those attending. The course could be based at or near offices of those attending if required. The first day will mirror the Practitioners' course. The second day will be an depth dissection of UKHab with a discussion about its merits and how it relates to other classifications. There will be an afternoon session where teaching techniques for students, newly qualified practioners and experienced practitioners will be discussed so that switching to UKHab becomes as painless as possible. Those attending the course will be given accreditation from the UKHab Working Group to teach others. The course will be subject to demand and will be limited to a maximum of 6 individuals.


Pete Carey of Bodsey Ecology Limited will be providing bespoke training in how to use the new UKHab classification of the habitats found in the United Kingdom.

He was one of the 5 person working group that developed the system and was the lead author of the key that accompanies the habitat hierarchy and can gives a view of the new system 'straight from the horse's mouth'. He is an affiliated lecturer at the University of Cambridge and has taught field techniques for the last 20 years, including the training for the last Countryside Survey.

Bill Butcher is the architect of the UKHab hierarchy and another member of the UKHab Working Group and so another tutor delivering the course with the highest level of knowledge and understanding.


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