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Bodsey Ecology Limited has recently been working on:

  • The technical papers for the Terrestrial Habitats section of the The Terrestrial Biodiversity Climate Change Impacts Report Card .
  •  Higher Level Stewardship: Monitoring, Ecosystem Services and Landscape (in association with natural England and CEH)
  • Priority Habitats, Protected sites and Climate Change: Three investigations to inform policy and management for adaptation and mitigation - Defra project CR0439 (in association with University of Reading, University of Aberdeen, TEC consultants, IEEP) 
  • Surveying of farms and interviewing farmers about the Campaign for the Farmed Environment for FERA.
  • Surveying of farms and interviewing farmers about their attitudes to the environment for CCRI and FERA. 
  • Continued monitoring of Lizard Orchid populations





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