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Vegetation Sampling

Vegetation sampling is best carried out using randomly placed plots/quadrats. 


Each project and situation will require thought about the size and frequency of plots that need to be sampled to get a representative sample of the vegetation. Bodsey Ecology can create a sampling strategy that will have statistical power.


Stratified random sampling is often the best way to achieve the required sample and will allow representation of all vegetation types. 


Plot size varies and is dependent on the requirements of the survey. In many cases 1 x 1m can be sufficient and this size often allows comparison with a wide range of published data. 2 x 2 m plots are best to assess which NVC category vegetation belongs to in most cases. The Countryside Survey uses 14.14 x 14.14 m nested plots which should be used if comparison with the wider countryside is required. Plots alongside linear features such as hedges or streams require long thin plots eg. 10 x 1 m.


All plots surveyed be Bodsey Ecology Limited can be geo-referenced (GPS) and if resurvey is required each plot will be marked, photographed and a map of location created.

Surveying meadows in the Picos de Europa

Within each plot species are identified. For some surveys the % cover of each species is required. This is either estimated for the whole plot or is created by dividing the plot into cells and the % of cells that a species is recorded from will estimate to the % cover.

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